Lisa is a compulsive storyteller, a creator of myths that hinge what is happening in the news, in her dreams and informed by the observation of the absurdities of behaviour and the tyranny of petty cruelties that she encounters in life…her message is not unadulteratedly gloomy, it is often serious but its effervescence and humour, sometimes black humour, makes it funny, touching and poignant.

Fiona Robinson

Artist / Curator / Art Critic

Walking into Lisa Lindqvist’s studio is like peeping back stage of some dreamlike Vaudeville production.

Katherine Locke

Breathtaking look at classical fairy tales and little aspects of everyday life; lyrical, haunting, exquisite, bold and mysterious. Absolutely fabulous, my favourite is ‘Sleeping White’ – fascinating. Thankyou for making my dreams reality.


Thankyou for sharing your imaginative wonder and offering different ways of ‘seeing’ in the world. I find so many resonances with feelings I have about identity, relationships and being.

 It’s really startling but also reassuring.

Sharti Piye