The Field

There is a land that exists that bears no resemblance to any other place on earth. It lies hidden, deep in the English countryside and has long  been allowed to stay fallow. Though the ground seems unyielding and wild, it is perfectly protected by an immensely thick boundary hedge; and for those creatures who are brave enough to pass through the mass of brambles and thorns, a Magical existence awaits. This is the land of the dreamers… the ones who are drawn by invisible threads to the company of strangers. The fighters, the dancers, the poets and sometimes the lost ones.

The first to discover The Field was a young mole named Moltar. He would be the first mole ever to live above ground and his wisdom forms the spiritual heart of the land. There followed many other creatures, some indigenous to this country, and some who have escaped from pet shops, laboratories, or neglectful owners. Some look quite ordinary at first glance, whilst others wear ballgowns and feathers, top hats and painted masks all day and night.

 This is the land where hedgehogs can be blue and fly through the air, where mariachi mermice sing love songs, and fortunes are stolen by a fake shrew seer. A place where ghost moles go to drink bourbon and the squirrels paint portraits on their hazelnuts. There is a palace built from children’s teeth that gets washed away, and a cowboy boot that hides a secret silent song. A collection of lives and stories so unique and strange that it is a wonder in itself how The Field remains such a sanctuary. But it does, and if ever you should visit I’m sure you would want to stay far longer than the wings of time will allow you.