Occasional Magic

The ragged nest of humanity
All inked arms and motorways
Strip lights stitch the sky
The tidal draw of basement porn
where fruit and thorns collide.
Land of cyber-Gods
Re-arranging our naked selves
to turn all wonders average.

Beyond the mirrors
Beyond the many distant rooms
Sometimes dormant
Ever present…
Small pockets of occasional magic
wait like hymns.


Oh Tiger

No Moss
No Mist
Bright Lines
Neon Lights
You move faster than I fall.
Electric slink
You kick back
You kink
The caller and the call.
Red beats
No repeats
No filler no prize.
Strange fruit
Strange lover
No one else has your eyes.




The heat is falling with the night.
We map the same path again, like bats
tracing each bend and shadow.
Combing the story in search of it’s nub.
I’m ever drawn here
It’s all instinct and touch
It takes so long…
But an infinite distance opens up
When I think to change course.
It’s already written.
Every step is a woven solace,
And the Gods wait like sentinels
for the inside to out.


Ship of Fools

They said that I would see the world
And the world would set me free
But they put me on a ship of fools
And all I saw was sea.

It seemed that everyone on board
Had thunder in their soul
I didn’t want to feel the like
And add to sorrow’s toll.

It took more than I ever knew
To navigate my way
But when I came back home to you
I heard you’d moved away.

I worked upon a little land
To buy a pile of stones
But know that all I call my own
Is built on human bones.



You’ve got popcorn on your man bag
I’ve got mud beneath my nails
You’re all shaved to a perfection
I’m a woolly beast derailed
You like sunshine in your pictures
I like magnifying rain
To you I was a challenge
To me you were a stain
If love should ever find us
it would have to search for years
Beyond the walls of twisted longing
And the soldiers of our fears