Figure 2 for Lisa to experiment with… 

The human body joins everything with everything, within itself. Controlled by the mind of the soul and without a single wasted line or form.

The figure has been a central theme in my work since I attended the Frink School of Figurative Sculpture in 2000. I spent two years working exclusively from the life model and all of my work that followed this period until 2012 was concerned with the human form. I explored the technical aspects of figure work and created life size sculptures, relief carvings, portrait heads and limited editions in cold cast bronze. The themes reflected my own experiences at this time: grief, loss, love, regret, autonomy and the search for a sense of self. I have always used the figure as a vehicle to express the emotional complexities of being human alongside the more formal concerns with anatomy and form.

I have work in private and public collections in France, Australia, USA, UK and Mauritius.